What do modern customers expect from retailers? How can you increase revenues per transaction? How can you ramp up word-of-mouth for your business? Our latest retail roundup answers these questions and then some.


Check ‘em out!

1. How To Overcome a Poor Location, Intense Competition & High Prices – While every storeowner wants to be in a prime retail location with heavy traffic and great anchors, not everyone gets to set up shop in these venues. And that doesn’t necessarily mean your business is doomed. In this post, Bryan Eisenberg shares the story of two pizza places that are thriving despite being in less-than-ideal locations. Read their stories here.

2. The Death of Desktop: What Does It Mean for Retailers? – Looking to ramp up your mobile strategy? Give this post a read. It sheds light on the data surrounding mobile, and offers advice on how retailers can improve the user experience and convert more customers through the small screen.

3. 4 Ways Retailers Can Improve Customer Centricity – Customer expectations are changing rapidly, and retailers should do everything they can to keep up. This infographic shares four ways to do that, and it also offers some interesting stats on the purchase journeys of consumers.

4. 3 Ways to Boost Word of Mouth and Referrals for Your Business – “While WOM is great and speaks volumes about your service and quality, you must work at it for it to become a successful business-development strategy,” writes Brian Barquilla. Indeed, you can’t just sit and wait for people to talk about your business, you have to take action to get people to do it. Check out his post to learn more.

5. How To Get Higher Retail Sales: Suggestive Selling – Suggestive selling (aka: upselling) will help you increase per-ticket revenues and make more sales per transaction, writes Bob Phibbs. Check out his post to learn more about the art of suggestive selling and what you (or your associates) can do to apply it in your store.