Embracing new technology can be difficult for many companies.

They want to make sure that it will be easy to integrate into the workplace and that it is a value added alternative to existing ways of performing tasks or producing items.


Is cloud computing of interest to your Business?

If you are trying to decide whether cloud computing is something that your company should be interested in you may find this information interesting and helpful during the selection and integration process.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a simple concept. It puts computer applications on the internet and users access it that way rather than downloading or installing a terminal-based program on their computers.

By putting the application or program online it offers a number of benefits that are not shared when the programs are installed directly on a computer’s hard drive, such as:

Cloud computing is affordable

For many companies, it can be a struggle to pay for expensive terminal-based programs. There may be a limit on how many terminals can access a program and the time to install and expanding a program to accommodate a large number of users may be expensive. Cloud computing may still have a cost in order to access the programs or applications but it may be more reasonable than installed applications may be.

Cloud computing does not need you to maintain it

Part of the IT expense a company may incur is centered on maintaining systems and programs. With cloud computing, this is not an issue. The applications are maintained by the company that created them which means that you do not need to worry about updating and repairing them yourself. This can help your company to substantially reduce the cost of its IT department.

Cloud Computing offers flexibility in terms of payment

Many terminal based computer applications or applications which are installed on a computer can be expensive and need to be paid for up front. This can be an issue for many companies especially if they are unsure whether a software package offers them the functionality that they need.

In this case, cloud computing can be a definite asset, since it is often possible to pay for these applications on an ongoing basis, such as a monthly one. Keep in mind that cloud computing is not right for every company. If employees do not have access to the internet on an ongoing basis the applications will also be inaccessible.

This is where GeoOp comes in, traditionally staff out in the field did not have access the internet, but smartphones like the iPhone and Tablets such as iPads change this for workers in the field, allowing them to access files just like they were back in the office.