Replacing paper based forms with Paperless Onboarding Systems and Paperless Induction Systems is the fastest and easiest way to make employment administration more efficient and cost effective.


These systems turn piles of paperwork and training materials into super slick online processes that integrate with your HR information systems and payroll processing. To better understand how these systems work watch this video.

Even the best inventions can take years to gain mass market adoption but this is one revolution you want to lead. In case you need any more convincing here are 12.5 reasons why you should roll out a Paperless Onboarding System or Paperless Induction System in your company.

1. They are As Fast As Lightning

Delivering employment contracts, forms and other induction materials using a Paperless Onboarding System occurs instantaneously. Applicants can also accepted, complete and return these materials within minutes.

2. They are Super Cost Effective

There is almost zero incremental cost to delivering HR materials electronically. On the other hand printing and posting paper based onboarding materials can easily cost over $10 per pack and that is before factoring in the cost of administration and wastage when materials become outdated or misplaced. In the case of Employment Hero our paperless onboarding module is a complementary feature of a broader HRIS and payroll platform.

3. They Improve Compliance

Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems create an electronic audit trail that can be relied upon to prove that materials were delivered, read, accepted and completed. Such audit trails are difficult to establish and maintain when dealing with paper and snail mail. In Australia all employers are legally required to provide every employee with access to documents such as the Fair Work Information Statement, National Employment Standards, industrial instruments and more. Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems make compliance easier to achieve and prove.

4. They Impress Candidates & Improve your Employer Branding

First impressions count. A slick, fully branded online onboarding and induction process helps you show candidates that your business is innovative, efficient, Green and up with the times.

5. They are More Engaging

Online Induction Systems enable employers to deliver induction materials in more engaging and entertaining ways. This includes replacing boring induction manuals with effective video presentations. Learning can also be demonstrated with online questionnaires. Employers can convert written policies and safety training into short video demonstrations that everybody can understand more quickly.

6. They are Easier to Edit & Update

Out of date paper based induction materials get thrown away but paperless onboarding materials can be quickly updated and reissued online. Updating and reissuing a policy to an entire business takes minutes and employees can easily be prompted and reminded to read or watch the new content.

7. They Integrate with HRIS & Payroll Systems

Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems often integrate with HRIS and payroll systems so that data does not need to be replicated and re-keyed between these applications. This saves time and improves accuracy.

8. They Provide Real Time Metrics & Insights

Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems enable businesses to see who has seen, signed or completed content and track what phase of the onboarding or induction process they are at. Many systems also build in alerts and reminders to keep people moving through the process. This level of real time monitoring is impossible with paper based systems.

9. They are Cloud Based

Most Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems are cloud based. This means you don’t need to develop the software or buy and maintain the IT infrastructure required to host these systems. Cloud systems are also extremely reliable and secure because they are hosted in cutting edge hosting facilities with robust backup and disaster recovery infrastructure.

10. They are Private & Secure

Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems are hosted on private and secure networks that can only be accessed by the people that you give access. Paper based induction packs can be easily copied and shared outside the organisation.

11. They are Green

As the name implies Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems are more environmentally friendly.

12. They are Anywhere, Anytime

Paperless Onboarding and Induction Systems can be accessed anywhere with access to the internet via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

12.5 They are Innovative

A Paperless Onboarding and Induction System is a smart innovation that every business should be investing in.