Whether you’re employing staff for the first time or have taken over a business with current employees, the information and suggestions in this free Employer Guide will help you understand your obligations.


After all, part of maintaining a good relationship with your employees in being up to date with the requirements and rights of both parties.
You’ll get valuable advice on things like registering with the IRD as an employer, the difference between employee & contractor, and even details like minimum wage amounts.

Don’t worry about having to read it all – the most important stuff is in first few pages so you only have to read that far. The rest of the booklet is general information you can refer back to later, so keep it handy!

Looking for the right payroll software?
Choose a good payroll system that makes paying wages easy. It should not only be simple, but thorough to ensure you meet all your obligations. You’ll want a system that also produces quality payslips for your employees so they know exactly what they are being paid.
It doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you want advice just call SmartPayroll on 0800 10 10 38. They will listen to what you need and recommend a payroll system that will suit you and your budget.