Rust never sleeps’ was supposedly the tagline for a 1970s advertising campaign for a rust-inhibitor product called Rustoleum. Although the phrase found far more traction as an album title for legendary Canadian rocker Neil Young, it resonates with us here at Debtor Daddy because it echoes one of our favourite sayings that “Debt never sleeps”.

Ageing debtors can be as insidious as the rust on a vehicle, slowly and quietly wreaking havoc with your cashflow and ultimately, your profitability. Unless you have a process to steadily and regularly follow up debtors, unpaid invoices can slowly creep beyond that dreaded 60 day mark, where research shows most firms have lost their profit margin.

As Neil would say (sing) “Don’t let it bring you down”, instead put in place some ‘debt-proofing’ for your business with some simple changes that have been proven to reduce those arrears. No harsh chemicals required.

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