I’m sure we all remember using acrostic poems growing up. This week we’ve chosen to discuss the topic of customers in acrostic form!


Here’s some tips to help you attract new customers to your venue.

C – Is for customer service. Are you surprised this is the first point? This is the most crucial ingredient in making certain that your customer leave and give your venue wonderful recommendations!

U – Is for utilizing loyalty programmes. These are a great way to create value for customers both old and new.

S – Is for starting small. Don’t throw yourself into any new initiative full steam ahead. Start small and once you begin to see successes, begin to expand on these initiatives.

T – Is for ‘try pay it forward’. It’s okay to take a cut in profits sometimes. It’s nice to give something back once in a while and customers like this. It shows them you’re not all about their money.

O – Is for organising an event. An event is a great way to get traffic through the door and allows people to see your venue pumping and enables you to establish a vibe and atmosphere for the place.

M – Is for measure. Measure everything. How is your turnover looking? Measure your results is you implement anything new, or you change anything related to your service. By doing this you allow yourself to make changes in real time so that there’s no time or resources wasted.

E – Is for execute your advertising initiative effectively. Make sure all your advertising efforts are relative to your industry. Think seriously about your clientele and what they would want to read/hear.

R – Is for referrals and networking. Take advantage of any relationship you have with those around you. Talk about your business with friends and family. Do the same for them – mutual referrals are great for generating foot traffic.

S – Is for strategic alliances. Make connections and deals with industry competitors and benefit from each other’s established resources and clientele.