Does your business use telemarketing or fax marketing to promote goods or services?
If so, you need to be aware of your obligations under the Do Not Call Register Act External Site.


What is the Do Not Call Register?

The Do Not Call Register (DNCR) is for people who don’t want to get telemarketing phone calls or faxes. When people put their phone or fax numbers on the Register, organisations are banned from using those numbers for telemarketing purposes.

Some organisations are allowed to call numbers on the Register. These include:

  • registered charities
  • government bodies
  • registered political parties, political candidates and members of Parliament
  • educational institutions.

Can business numbers go on the Do Not Call Register?

The DNCR is for phone numbers that are mainly for private or domestic use, so generally business phone numbers aren’t eligible.

However, businesses can register their fax numbers on the Register if those numbers are used only for sending and/or receiving faxes.

What does the Do Not Call Register mean for my business?

If your business uses telemarketing or fax marketing to sell or promote your goods or services, you need to make sure that the numbers you call are not on the Register.

How do I know which numbers are on the Do Not Call Register?

Before making marketing calls or sending marketing faxes, you need to check your call list against the Register – this is known as washing .

Washing your contacts will identify numbers listed on the Register. This will help you to only market to those who are willing to receive marketing calls or faxes.

Are you are using a call centre or other business to do your telemarketing? If the call list they are using has numbers that are eligible to be listed on the Register, then you need to make sure your contract or arrangement with the call centre or business complies with the Do Not Call Register Act .

How do I wash my calling lists?

You can wash your call lists by submitting them to the DNCR. Find out more about the steps to wash your call lists .

The cost of washing depends on the size of your calling lists. Washing can be free for small lists.

Have a look at the DNCR washing fees for details.

What if my customers want to receive my promotions via phone or fax?

If your customer has given you permission to contact them, then you’re allowed to contact them even if their number is on the Register. However, you need to be sure that the permission they’ve given meets the Register’s consent provisions.

Read DNCR consent provisions to learn more about how permission can be given, and how long that permission lasts.