Time Management is one of those skills many of us struggle with. As business owners, managers and leaders, you wear many hats. Now, hats are awesome. I love hats. I just returned from Peru with a hat that bears a striking resemblance to the one Indiana Jones wears … but that doesn’t mean I want to be juggling all my hats at the same time.


Recently, I was researching time management tips for an ebook I was working on, and I discovered that there’s a whole subset of bloggers who write exclusively about productivity and how to better manage your time. This is a revelation! I’ve since been devouring their blog posts, and thought I’d share some of my favourite resources with you.

Here are five time management and productivity blogs that will give you some actionable advice on getting more shit done:

1. Time Management Ninja

One of the big problems about reading blogs is that, well, it takes time. So I’d expect a time management blog to be created in a format that makes the best use of my time. Clean and simple design, easy to navigate, and short, pithy, clever updates that give me the nuts and bolts without a lot of fluff. Enter, Time Management Ninja.

The tagline for this blog is “helping you win the battle against wasted time, disorganisation, and all other things evil”, and creator Craig Jarrow wants to empower people to take control over their professional and personal lives. Interestingly, Time Management Ninja was a book by Jarrow, before it became a popular blog. Now, Craig runs time management and productivity courses, and writes this awesome blog, which you should read. The content is very focused on productivity – there’s not a lot about other areas of improvement, which is common on other sites.

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2. Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain is all about improving yourself through productivity, motivation and self-education. Editor-in-Chief, Erin Falconer, has a vision to create the most comprehensive source of self-improvement advice on the web, and she’s well on her way. Articles cover topics like self-respect, being a good listener, perception, health, and more. On the surface, these might not seem like strictly time management tips, but they all feed together in Erin’s overarching affirmation – that we should be always seeking to improve our whole lives, and those improvements feed into each other. If you eat well, you’ll be more productive, that kind of thing.

One of the best features of Pick the Brain is the 90-day Self-Improvement bootcamp – it’s a free series of posts structured so you read them over 90 days.

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3. Productivityist

Blogger Mike Vardy was once the managing editor for Lifehack, which tells you a little about his time management skills. Now, with Productivityist, Mike is presenting his own time-management philosophy, and it’s pretty awesome. His tagline is “Stop Doing Productive. Start Being Productive.” and his advice is spot-on.

A lot of the posts are quite meaty, especially compared to some of the other blogs on this list, and focus more on changing your mindset than on more simple “lifehacks”. Mike has a lot of guest post content, which keeps the voice fresh and new. An interesting blog where writers love to share personal stories of productivity triumphs and failures.

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4. Pajama Productivity

Personally, while short, simple and no-nonsense advice definitely has its place, I like to be entertained while I’m learning new things. That’s why I love Annie Sisk’s Pajama Productivity Blog (Fuzzy Slippers Optional, But Highly Recommended). Annie infuses every post with her unique voice and sassy attitude. Her blog is hilarious and uses real-world stories to entertain and educate you.

Her advice is definitely more geared toward women, with the slightest hint of woo woo hippyness thrown in. But she has some unique and creative ideas to help you push through your productivity blocks.

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5. Brian Tracy’s Blog

Brian Tracy is the author of Eat that Frog! one of the most popular (and my personal favourite) productivity book out there. Brian’s blog is a goldmine of tips and ideas for getting things done and improving your life. Brian’s style is very no-nonsense, and his examples are very well thought out and explained.

Brian also includes a lot of tips for business owners about public speaking and how to create compelling presentations and speeches.

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There you have it – five productivity blogs for you. Now you have five places to procrastinate while you learn about new ways to get things done faster!