What ‘simple things’ can you do to improve sales?
Regardless of what is going on in the economy there are always simple things many businesses can use to improve their sales and profits.
Sometimes making more sales is as simple as talking to more potential customers about what you sell.


And there are a huge number of simple things you can do to attract more customers.

Here’s an interesting way to attract new customers that was both fun and extremely effective:

A hardware shop increased the number of people coming into their store with a fun competition.

They put up a big sign in their window that said: “We guarantee that if you come into our store one of our people will professionally greet and welcome you within 15 seconds. If they don’t we will give you $50.00 worth of hardware of your choice free”

People would walk down the street and read this sign. They would stop for a few seconds and then mentally say to themselves “That sounds interesting; I think I will check it out.” So they would walk inside the hardware store to see more about what was going on.

The store had a bell and buzzer on their door that sounded as soon as you went in. One of their salespeople would excuse themselves if they were dealing with a customer by saying something like “Can you just excuse me for 10 seconds” and then walk over to the person and welcome them to the store. “Thank you for coming in today, I’m just with someone else so please free to look around. I’ll be with you in a moment”

This way the customer was always greeted professionally within 15 seconds of walking in to the shop.

Now once the people were in the shop guess what many did?

They said to themselves, “Well now that I’m here what can I buy that I might need?” Sales increased dramatically.


What ‘simple things’ can you try this week to increase your own sales?

The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is ‘look under

foot.’ The great opportunity is where you are.
John Burroughs