Switching from QuickBooks to Xero just got even easier. Any US Xero user can now upload a QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Mac or Online data file and it will be automatically converted in three hours or less. A new Xero organization will be created with all of the transactional data for the current and previous year. All for free.


Moving to the cloud should be as easy as working in the cloud, so we built this simple service for you. Now you are no longer chained to QuickBooks Desktop. You can be up and running in Xero with little time and effort.

Hand off your QuickBooks file one last time

If you’ve ever tried to share a QuickBooks file with someone, you know how difficult the process is. Having different “versions” of your data out in the wild is a disconcerting thought. Are your books up-to-date? If not, how can you confidently run your business? How can you collaborate if your data is stuck on a desktop?

With QuickBooks, you had to export and pass your file around just to do some basic collaboration. Now you can hand your file off one last time to our QuickBooks conversion service and start enjoying the efficiencies of Xero and the cloud.

After signing up for Xero:

  • Reference the “Add your organization” screen. There, you will be given the option to “Convert your QuickBooks file for free.”
  • Upload the file. The conversion process typically takes a few hours. When it’s complete, you’ll be emailed an invitation to view your new, fully-populated Xero organization.

Some notes:

  • Once a conversion is complete, you will automatically be invited by email to take over the subscription.
  • It’s a good idea to reconcile first. For the best outcomes, be sure that your QuickBooks file is reconciled prior to submission. For other tips, check out Xero U and our pre-conversion guidelines.

Conversion of all transactions from the current and prior fiscal year are always free. This allows you to produce all of the comparative reports for the prior year and to start experiencing the beauty of Xero for your business. You can now manage cashflows, be forward-looking and continue growing your business.

If you need additional historical data, QuickBooks Enterprise conversions or other related conversion services, please email us at