Money musts before you die

It might be hard to imagine now but what if something were to happen to you? Would your loved ones be taken care of or would they face a tough financial future? The greatest gift you can leave your...

Tackling China? Be prepared!

While New Zealand businesses are getting far more savvy about doing business in Asia, some are still learning the hard way that it can be tricky, particularly in China.

Keeping your finances in shape

Having spent years as a fitness instructor and in financial services, there are many lessons I’ve learned from keeping in shape and living a healthy lifestyle that can be transferred to managing...

Money tips for your next holiday

The cost of travelling overseas can quickly add up so it pays to know some tips and tricks so you can avoid being ripped off on exchange rates and unnecessary fees as well as get a better deal on your...

Online payment options

As a customer, you want the payment process to be easy and as a business, you naturally want to get paid. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to consider what options you give your customers.

Are your savings going backwards?

Have you ever thought you were doing something good for yourself only to find out it was having the reverse effect? Like having a caffeine-hit only to end up in an even bigger slump, or dry-cleaning...
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